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To use the changelog full-text index search, you must install the MSSQL Full-text index service, and create the Full-Text index on the text columns in the Changelog table.





If you are running SQL Express you must run the SQL Server Express with Advanced Services to install the Full-Text index service.

On Enterprise edition, you must run the Setup again, and enable the feature Full-Text index.



When the Full-text index service or feature has been enabled, the full-text index should be created on the the columns SystemDesc, UserDesc and CreatedBy in table Changelog.


Go to the MSSQL Manager right-click the Changelog table, and choose Full-Text index and then Define Full-Text Index. Follow the guide.


3Building the Full-Text index can take some time. And before that is done, the Full-Text index is not ready to be used.


Then go to the Changelog Options and Enable Full-Text Index.


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