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CapaInstaller Asset Management automates the process of managing configurations and deployments by centrally tracking hardware, software installations including patch levels and software configuration data for all PCs in the infrastructure. It provides capabilities such as automated discovery licenses, number of installations, metering, and relationships between PCs. It also provides the ability to search the CMDB for configuration data, the comparison of configurations across systems.
CapaInstaller Asset Management is a dynamic inventory solution that provides a comprehensive overview of all software, hardware, and other elements in use throughout your network. All inventory details can be viewed from a single centralized console, which enables managers to filter, group, and sort the data in a variety of useful ways. With software management, you can see what programs are installed on each machine and which machines are running each program. Similarly, the unit management shows you the exact hardware configuration of each machine and can also show you, for example, exactly which machines need a memory upgrade to accommodate an upcoming OS release. Use the user inventories to find out who is using the network, which computers they use, and when.
Using CapaInstaller Reporting makes it easy to generate customized, informative reports.
Asset Management has concentrated about 3 areas which have their own view:>



Benefits of Asset Management

Feature description of Asset Management.

Best practice of software management

Our guide in how to manage software the best way in CMS.

Asset Management overview

Get the full overview of Asset Management and its elements.

Prerequisites for Asset Management

To avoid problems with the installation and the functionality be aware of the prerequisites for Asset Management.

Getting started with Asset Management

Step by step guide in how to get started with Asset Management.

Asset Management tree view

Learn the structure of the Asset Management tree view.

Toolbar and menu description for Asset Management

See the functionality description of the individual buttons and menus for Asset Management.

What is Asset Management

A description of all the different elements in Asset Management.

How to use Asset Management

Step by step guides in how to use the different elements in Asset Management.

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