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The CapaInstaller section defines how your packages will interact with the CapaInstaller Management Solution

CapaInstaller section



This setting controls whether or not the script and the associated installation program will be able to interact with the desktop. If this option is defined the CapaInstaller Agent service (cistub) will be executed in a special mode where it is possible to write to the desktop
Select one of the following options:
Yes: To allow the script and/or associated installation program to interact with the desktop.
No: To suppress all requests for user interaction

Job type

This setting controls the context that the installation will be executed in.

Select one of the following:

Computer Job: The package will be executed in the system context.

User Job: The package will be executed in the user context.

Note: Applications are typically installed on workstations/Servers while the configuration is applied to users. Use the CapaInstaller feature User configuration to apply configuration for the current logged-on user and future users. User jobs are typically used to do user profile maintenance


Some installations require that the workstation/server is rebooted as part of the installation. The typical issue is that a component is locked during the installation. A reboot will force an overwrite (e.g. a .dll file). The Post-procedure will ensure that values in the run once are executed in the system context and that they are executed even though that no users log on (server)

The post-procedure can also be used to execute post-task after reboot.

Select one of the following options:

Yes: To add a post-procedure section to your main script and to generate a generic post-procedure script.
No: If no post-reboot procedure is required

Client Execution Environment

Indicates in which context a package should be executed in on the local machine

A value of x86 means it will be launched in 32 bit mode on 32 and 64 bit OS

A value of x64 means it will be launched in 64 bit mode on 64 bit OS but will not be allowed to run on 32 bit OS

Dynamic means will run native context. 32 bit on 32 bit OS and 64 on 64 bit OS

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