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New Features in CapaInstaller 6.0 - 2020


 Console features and improvements.

User Agent

It's now possible to restart the user agent from the console


In hardware, software and custom inventory it's now possible to select categories to filter on inventory information

Show root point on the promoted package

If you right-click on a promoted package, you can jump directly to the root package for easy location and editing.


 System features and improvements.

Scripting Library

New library functions have been added to make it easier to collect custom and hardware inventory that will not be overwritten by the "normal" inventory.






New SDK function has been added to support more automation

Set unit description

Promote Package

Delete Group in Business Unit

 OS Deployment

 OS Deployment features and improvements.


CapaImage is now integrated into the CapaInstaller Console - when a new CapaImage is available for the same edition, CapaInstaller will point out the image where an update is available with a red dot.

Custom Installation Fields

OSD now has custom installation fields that can be used for more custom configuration - such as office assignments when deploying new computers. 

Custom Fields Installation

 Device Management

 New mobile device features...

Android Enterprise

CapaInstaller now supports android enterprise functionality and has been approved by Google as an Android Enterprise partner.

  • Android Enterprise Play-Store Apps Deployment

Zero-touch enrollment 

Preconfigured devices provision themselves out-of-the-box, enabling organizations to streamline their device deployments. Additional advantages of zero-touch enrollment include:

  • Customer IT admins don't need to provide individual devices because config can be automatically set for purchased devices in bulk.
  • Customers stay in control of their devices at all times—even after factory resets.
  • End users, after receiving a boxed device, just need to sign in.

You can get more information about Zero-touch and how to get started here


 Security Updates...


The baseagent can now be protected with a password, so it's no longer possible to see the agent status and computer details without the right credentials.

 Known Issues


  • Discontinued support for Windows Server 2008 

 More Information

 Downloading and Upgrading to CapaInstaller 6.0


Get Access to support from the portal

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