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titleAvailable commands all CapaInstaller managed devices
  • Get Inventory

    Collects inventory data from the device, which is then available in the detail view for that device in the CapaInstaller Console

  • Clear passcode

    Enables the device to be unlocked without the need for a passcode. If a policy exists that requires a passcode, a grace period will be given to enter a new passcode

  • Lock

    Requires a lock screen to be setup on the device, with either pin, password or pattern.

    Will cause the device to be remotely locked like pressing the lock button on the device.

    If authentication is setup it will be required to unlock the device. 

  • Wipe

    The Wipe command erases all device data and restores it to factory defaults.

    This command can be scheduled to a specific time

  • Rename

    Renames the selected device