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A basic understanding of the CapaInstaller platform, infrastructure, and hardware components is needed.



For detailed software, requirements see Software Requirements



The SQL Server holds information about objects (packages, OS images, units, configurations, etc.) and their relations.

For best performance, it is recommended to separate the SQL data and SQL log files on separate disks.


titleVirtualization Best Practises

Be sure to be aware of general Virtualization Best Practices before deciding to virtualize a CapaInstaller host server.

Several key concepts regarding performance on any hypervisor should be considered:

  • Be sure to adhere to virtualization best practises practices to avoid Resource Contention when scaling your virtual infrastructure.

  • Please observe the concepts of CPU and Memory Contention, CPU Overcommitment or CPU/Memory Oversubscription when scaling the virtual guest assigned for CapaInstaller.

  • Allocate dedicated storage ressources resources to your CapaInstaller and Database guest machines to avoid I/O Bottlenecks during intensive I/O operations

  • Avoid running CapaInstaller or Database from a single simple Local Host Bus Adapter as the Hypervisor will utilize much-needed CPU resources to handle I/O operations. Use a dedicated controller connecting to either a Storage Area Network or Network Attached Storage to lower the strain on the Hypervisor CPU

  • Consider NIC Teaming when configuring the Hypervisor virtual networks to maximize throughput and avoid high Network I/O Latency when multiple virtual guests share the same network interface with the CapaInstaller and Database server.



For each Windows server, a valid operating system license is required.


If a processor license is purchased, client connections are unlimited, and no CALs are needed.



To allow secure communication through SSL/HTTPS, a server certificate must be purchased (wildcard * certificates are supported).