A simple overview of the steps involved in installing and enabling access to the CapaInstaller Management Portal


The Management Portal relies on the following software

 Deploy a Back-end Service

To be able to authenticate against an Active Directory, the Management Portal relies on the CapaInstaller Back-end Service.

If you already have a Back-end Service Deployed for other purposes, skip this step.

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 Enable the Web Server 


Enable the Web Server (IIS) role on the Windows Server that are set to host the Management Portal site. This servers DNS name will be the base URL for access to the Management Portal.

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 Enable Security and add Trustee

Enabling Security and adding a Trustee from Active Directory is done under System Administration in the CapaInstaller Console.

In this example we add the Active Directory group "Supporters" to the default "Supporters" profile in CapaInstaller.

Members of this AD group will now inherit the Access permissions for the profile.

 Execute the Windows Installer package

Execute the Windows Installer package (CapaInstaller Management Portal.msi) for the Management Portal.

Locate the file in the share of the root configuration management point e.g. "...\CMPDEV\Resources\Management Portal\CapaInstaller Management Portal.msi"

 Configure Database access

  1. To configure access to the CapaInstaller Database insert the Database server URL and the Database name
  2. Enter the SQL Server Database login that is used for access to the CapaInstaller Database

Installation complete

After completing the above steps, the CapaInstaller Management Portal is now available

Simply point a webbrowser to  http://<server>/ManagementPortal and log in with a user with valid credentials

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